Make Sure It's Deductible: Little-Known Tax Tips for Your Canadian Small Business, Fifth Edition 5th edition [Mīkstie vāki]

  • Formāts: Paperback / softback, 304 pages, weight: 445 g
  • Izdošanas datums: 05-May-2020
  • Izdevniecība: McGraw-Hill Education
  • ISBN-10: 1260458512
  • ISBN-13: 9781260458510
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  • Formāts: Paperback / softback, 304 pages, weight: 445 g
  • Izdošanas datums: 05-May-2020
  • Izdevniecība: McGraw-Hill Education
  • ISBN-10: 1260458512
  • ISBN-13: 9781260458510
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Cut through the grey areas  of Canada’s tax code, take advantage of tax incentives, and get the most out of every pre-tax dollar.

Rather than wondering “Is it deductible?” –Make Sure It’s Deductible! You owe it to yourself, and your small business, to take advantage of every legitimate business deduction and personal tax planning benefit at tax time, and all year long, so you can increase your cash flow, and build wealth, too.

Evelyn Jacks, Canada’s bestselling and most trusted tax author and educator, delivers vital tax facts and tips to save you money. Presented in a clear, friendly style that’s easy to read, understand and apply to your own business, you'll join the more than 40,000 entrepreneurs who’ve turned to this tax-saving classic to learn how to:

  • Determine which expenditures are fully deductible and which are restricted.
  • Acquire new assets for your business while benefiting from generous new tax write-offs.
  • Write off auto and home office expenses that pass the scrutiny of a tax auditor.
  • Hire family members to work in your business, all onside with stringent income splitting rules.
  • Decide whether to incorporate, now that new rules make family income splitting more difficult.
  • Understand the latest tax brackets and rates and how to plan income courses to minimize them.
  • Manage your tax remittances, including tax installments and payroll taxes, as well as the collection and remittance of sales tax
  • Avoid falling foul of the “Tax Gap” by timely compliance with CRA tax filing, including the collection and remission of sales tax from your customers.
  • Enjoy generous capital gains deductions if you decide to sell your enterprise
  • Plan for a secure lifestyle now and in retirement, and more.

For vital, practical information you need to increase your bottom line and run a tax-efficient and audit-proof business, this fully updated fifth edition of Make Sure It’s Deductible is the essential reference for your shelf.

“Evelyn Jacks is well-deserving of her reputation as Canada’s most trusted tax advisor. This book could save thousands of tax dollars for anyone who is self-employed, runs a small business, or is thinking of starting one.”--Gordon Pape, bestselling author and editor and publisher of The Internet Wealth Builder.

Evelyn Jacks, is the president of the Knowledge Bureau and one of Canada’s most prolific business authors. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, having written over 50 books on the subjects of personal taxation and wealth management. Evelyn was appointed to the Federal Task Force on Financial Literacy, which will set a national strategy for financial literacy for Canada, and is one of Canada's Top 25 Women of influence. She lives in Winnipeg,Manitoba.

Introduction xi
Chapter 1 Key Reasons Why Canadians Pay Too Much Tax
Chapter 2 How to Tax Cost Average
Chapter 3 How to Start a Tax-Efficient Small Business
Chapter 4 Write Off More Deductions Without Changing Your Life
Chapter 5 Simple Rules for Writing Off Asset Purchases
Chapter 6 Maximize Home Office and Auto Expense Benefits
Chapter 7 Profiles of the Self-Employed
Chapter 8 How to Put Your Family to Work and Write It Off!
Raj and The family restaurant
Chapter 9 Often-Missed and Little-Known Family Tax Deductions
The Hampton family's enterprises
Chapter 10 How to Create Serious Wealth
Thomas and His software company
Chapter 11 How to Turn a Tax Audit Into a Profitable Experience
Chapter 12 Taxpayers and Their Advisors: The Top Check Lists
Conclusion 269(4)
Index 273
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