Music in Early Childhood: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives and Inter-disciplinary Exchanges 1st ed. 2019 [Hardback]

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This book examines four main areas of music in early childhood: the traditions of music for young children, their capacities for music, the way they make music with others, and constructed and mediated musical childhoods. It studies several themes in detail, including music making in the home and family life, various musical experiences in schools, day cares, and the community at large in several locations around the globe. It looks at technology and diverse musical repertoires, as well as innovative pedagogies, children’s agency, and brain research. Expanding on the knowledge bases on which early childhood music education typically draws, the book brings together contributions from a range of authors from diverse fields such as education, psychology, sociology, cultural studies, anthropology, philosophy, ethnomusicology, and the neurosciences. The end result is a volume that offers a broad and contemporary picture of music in early childhood.

1 Introduction
S. Young
B. Ilari
Part I Children Making Music with Others
2 Singing and Playing with Friends: Musical Identities and Peer Cultures in Early Years Settings
Amanda Niland
3 Probing the Dynamics of Sibling Interactions in Relation to Musical Development
Lisa Huisman Koops
Christa R. Kuebel
4 The Art of Listening: Infants and Toddlers in Education and Care Group Settings
Berenice Nyland
Part II Young Children's Capacities for Music
5 The Social Meaning of Shared Musical Experiences in Infancy and Early Childhood
Gaye Soley
6 Embodiment in Early Childhood Music Education
Luc Nijs
Melissa Bremmer
7 Spontaneous Singing and Musical Agency in the Everyday Home Lives of Three- and Four-Year-Old Children
Bronya Dean
8 Neuromusical Research and Young Children: Harmonious Relationship or Discordant Notes?
Beatriz Ilari
Eun Cho
Part III Music for Young Children: Traditions
9 Sustaining Musical Traditions in Early Childhood: A View from the Field of Ethnomusicology
Andrea Emberly
10 Interculturalism in Early Childhood Music Education and the Training of Educators: An Anthropological Framework from the Mediterranean
Avra Pieridou Skoutella
11 Self-Initiated Musicking in Kindergarten as Instances of Emancipation: The Case of Arabic Speaking Young Children in Israel
Claudia Gluschankof
12 World Music Pedagogy in Early Schooling: Issues of Implementation
J. Christopher Roberts
Part IV Constructed and Mediated Musical Childhoods
13 Re-thinking Systems of Meaning-Making: A Possible Theoretical Framework for Exploring Children's Engagement in Music and the Subject Positions of `Rock-Boys' and `Pop-Girls'
Ingeborg Lunde Vestad
14 The Kindie Movement: Independent Children's Music in the United States Since 2000
Tyler Bickford
15 Music at Their Finger-Tips: Musical Experiences via Touchscreen Technologies in the Everyday Home Lives of Young Children
Susan Young
Yen-Ting Wu
16 Improvisation and/or Music Education: A Child's Upsetting Clarity
Panagiotis A. Kanellopoulos
Afterword 275