Palgrave Handbook of the Philosophy of Film and Motion Pictures 1st ed. 2019 [Hardback]

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  • Formāts: Hardback, 1061 pages, height x width: 235x155 mm, XXVI, 1061 p., 1 Hardback
  • Izdošanas datums: 05-Dec-2019
  • Izdevniecība: Springer Nature Switzerland AG
  • ISBN-10: 3030196003
  • ISBN-13: 9783030196004
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  • Formāts: Hardback, 1061 pages, height x width: 235x155 mm, XXVI, 1061 p., 1 Hardback
  • Izdošanas datums: 05-Dec-2019
  • Izdevniecība: Springer Nature Switzerland AG
  • ISBN-10: 3030196003
  • ISBN-13: 9783030196004
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This handbook brings together essays in the philosophy of film and motion pictures from authorities across the spectrum. It boasts contributions from philosophers and film theorists alike, with many essays employing pluralist approaches to this interdisciplinary subject. Core areas treated include film ontology, film structure, psychology, authorship, narrative, and viewer emotion. Emerging areas of interest, including virtual reality, video games, and nonfictional and autobiographical film also have dedicated chapters. Other areas of focus include the film medium’s intersection with contemporary social issues, film’s kinship to other art forms, and the influence of historically seminal schools of thought in the philosophy of film. Of emphasis in many of the essays is the relationship and overlap of analytic and continental perspectives in this subject.

The Medium in Film and Motion Pictures 1.Frank Boardman - Film Ontology: Extension, Criteria, and Candidates
2. Noel Carroll - Medium Specificity
3. Nick Wiltsher and Aaron Meskin- The Moving Image
4. Patrick Keating - The Art of Cinematography The Structure of Film and Motion Pictures
5. Angela Curran - Silly Questions and Arguments for the Implicit, Cinematic Narrator
6. Patrick Keating - Narrative and the Moving Image
7. Karen Pearlman - On Rhythm in Film Editing
8. David Davies - Animation
9. Paloma Atencia-Linares - Sound in Film
10. Ted Nannicelli - What is a Screenplay? Approaches and Schools
11. Richard Eldridge - Analytic Philosophy of Film (Contrasted with Continental Film Theory)
12. John O Maoilearca - When the Twain Shall Meet: On the Divide between Analytic and Continental Film Philosophy
13. Shawn Loht - The Phenomenological Movement in Context of the Philosophy of Film and Motion Pictures
14. Espen Hammer - Ideology and Experience: The Legacy of Critical Theory
15. Paul Guyer - Stanley Cavell: What Becomes of People on Film?
16. Deborah Knight - Film Art from the Analytic Perspective
17. Carl Plantinga - Cognitive Theory of the Moving Image
18. Andrew Klevan - Aesthetic Criticism
19. Robert Sinnerbrink - Poststructuralism and Film Philosophy Through Film
20. Eva M. Dadlez - Thoughtful Films, Thoughtful Fictions: The Philosophical Terrain between Illustrations and Thought Experiments
21. Thomas E. Wartenberg - Contemporary Philosophical Filmmaking
22. Robert Sinnerbrink - Filmosophy/Film as Philosophy Auteur Theory, the Avant-garde and New Filmmakers
23. Douglas Lackey - The Auteur Theory in the Age of the Mini-Series
24. Tom Gunning - The Question of Poetic Cinema
25. Malcolm Turvey - Avant-garde Film as Philosophy Documentary
26. Vitor Moura - Show and Tell: The identification of documentary film
27. Laura T. Di Summa - The Autobiographical Documentary Movies and Society
28. Zoe Cunliffe - Feminist Philosophy of Film
29. Lewis R. Gordon- Race in Film
30. David A. Gerstner - How Do We Look So Far? Notes Toward a Queer-Film Philosophy
31. Jacob M. Held - Film, Art, and Pornography
32. Sheryl Tuttle Ross - Propaganda and the Moving Image Movies and the Arts
33. Kristin Boyce - Film and Fine Art: Automatism, Automata and "The Myth of Total Cinema" in The Red Shoes and Tales of Hoffmann
34. John Dyck - The Sonic Art of Film and the Sonic Arts in Film
35. Garry L. Hagberg - Adaptation, Translation, and Philosophical Investigation in Adaptation Emotions and Psychology
36. Jonathan Gilmore - Imagination and Film
37. Daniel Jeronimo Tobon- Empathy and Sympathy: Two Contemporary Models of Character Engagement
38. Jesse J. Prinz - Affect and Motion Pictures
39. Nick Pappas - Psychoanalysis and the Philosophy of Film Alternative Media
40. Ted Nannicelli - The Television Medium
41. Jon Robson and Aaron Meskin - Video games and Film
42. Gal Raz - Virtual Reality as an Emerging Art Medium and its Immersive Affordances
Noel Carroll is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the Graduate Center of CUNY, USA. Laura T. Di Summa-Knoop is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at William Paterson University, USA. Shawn Loht is an Institutional Researcher at Baton Rouge Community College, USA.