interneta veikals karantīnas laikā darbību nepārtrauc, pasūtījumi tiek pieņemti visu diennakti. Arī pasūtījumu piegāde notiek kā parasti – ar Omniva kurjerdienesta starpniecību.

Ad Ultimo: A Memoir of International Relations in War & Peace [Mīkstie vāki]

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  • Mīkstie vāki
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  • Grāmatu piegādes laiks ir 3-4 nedēļas, ja grāmata ir uz vietas izdevniecības noliktavā. Ja izdevējam nepieciešams publicēt jaunu tirāžu, grāmatas piegāde var aizkavēties.
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  • Piegādes laiks - 4-6 nedēļas
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Over the course of a truly remarkable life John Deverill has had a front row seat for some of the most important events in the 20th century. This second volume covers the years 1953 to the present day - from drinking too much with Krushchev at embassy receptions to swimming across the Volga to give his KGB minders the slip; this lively account perfectly captures the glamour and intrigue of Moscow in the 1950s. This volume also covers Deverill's time in Yemen during the tail end of the British administration in Aden and much else in this immensely adventurous and international life.
John Deverill was born in 1922 to a British father and an Italian mother. Following the outbreak of war, at the age of 18, he joined the RAF. He was stationed in Iceland, the Middle East, Italy and Greece, flying dozens of bomber missions. After demobilisation Deverill studied Arabic in Lebanon before working for the Red Cross at refugee camps in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. He went on to become the Commander of the Arab Legion Air Force and later went to Russia as the Air Attache to the British Embassy in Moscow at the height of the Cold War, and then to Aden as a Senior Intelligence Officer.