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Boys Will Be Boys: Power, Patriarchy and Toxic Masculinity [Mīkstie vāki]

  • Formāts: Paperback / softback, 384 pages, height x width x depth: 216x135x27 mm
  • Izdošanas datums: 04-Jul-2019
  • Izdevniecība: Oneworld Publications
  • ISBN-10: 1786076632
  • ISBN-13: 9781786076632
  • Mīkstie vāki
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  • Formāts: Paperback / softback, 384 pages, height x width x depth: 216x135x27 mm
  • Izdošanas datums: 04-Jul-2019
  • Izdevniecība: Oneworld Publications
  • ISBN-10: 1786076632
  • ISBN-13: 9781786076632

Fearless feminist Clementine Ford’s incendiary first book, Fight Like A Girl, is taking the world by storm, galvanizing women to demand and fight for real equality and not merely the illusion of it.

Now Boys Will Be Boys examines what needs to change for that equality to become a reality. It answers the question most asked of Clementine: "How do I raise my son to respect women and give them equal space in the world? How do I make sure he's a supporter and not a perpetrator?"

Ford demolishes the age-old assumption that superiority and aggression are natural realms for boys, and demonstrates how toxic masculinity creates a disturbingly limited and potentially dangerous idea of what it is to be a man. Crucially, Boys Will Be Boys reveals how the patriarchy we live in is as harmful to boys and men as it is to women and girls, and asks what we have to do to reverse that damage. The world needs to — this book shows the way.

The incendiary new book about toxic masculinity and misogyny from Clementine Ford, author of the best-selling feminist manifesto, Fight Like A Girl.


'A damning look at toxic masculinity. It's the most important thing you'll read this year.' * Elle * 'Ford's book, which draws on current events in Australia, the UK and the US as well as her own life as a wife and mother of a son, launches yet another furious and necessary salvo at the gender status quo while offering a blueprint for a more enlightened world. A witty polemic with significant contemporary value.' * Kirkus * 'Ferocious, incisive, an effective treatise.' * Australian Book Review * 'Ford follows up her powerful book Fight Like a Girl with a much-needed, unapologetic study of toxic masculinity that relentlessly excavates how complicit we all are in the creation, reinforcement, and perpetuation of a "boys will be boys" mind-set.' * Library Journal, starred review * 'A timely cultural critic... Ford is intelligent, thoughtful, well-researched, and witty, but most importantly, she is hopeful for a future of justice and equality.' * Booklist, starred review * 'Boys Will Be Boys is a timely contribution to feminist literature. Her central point is clear and confronting, and it represents something of a challenge.' * Australian Book Review * 'A truly vital piece of social commentary from Australia's fiercest feminist, Boys Will Be Boys should be shoved into the hands of every person you know. Clementine Ford has done her research - despite what her angry detractors would have you believe - and spits truths about toxic masculinity and the dangers of the patriarchy with passion and a wonderfully wry sense of humour. Read it, learn from it, and share it - this book is absolute GOLD!' * The AU Review, 16 Best Books of 2018 * 'Clementine Ford's Boys Will Be Boys is a blazing exploration of the frightening damage the patriarchy does to us all.' * The AU Review * 'Boys Will Be Boys is an impassioned call for societal change from a writer who has become a stand-out voice of her generation (and has the trolls to prove it) and an act of devotion from a mother to her son.' * Readings * 'Clementine Ford reveals the fragility behind 'toxic masculinity' in Boys Will Be Boys.' * The Conversation * 'Boys Will Be Boys highlights the need to refocus on how we're raising our boys to be better men. The ingrained toxic masculinity within society does just as much damage to our boys as it does to our girls, and this book highlights how to change that.' * Fernwood Magazine * 'Fierce.' * Publishers Weekly * 'With pithy jokes and witty commentary, this is an engrossing read, and Ford's spirited tone evokes passion for change.' * Foreword * 'Fantastic...a well-crafted blend of passion, anger and humour.' * Right Now *

Author's note xi
Introduction 1(12)
1 It's a boy
2 A woman's place
3 Girls on film
4 Not all men
5 We know what boys are like
6 Mass debate
7 The manosphere
8 Your Honour, I object
9 The king of the hill
10 It's just a joke
11 Asking for it
12 Witch hunt
Epilogue 352(7)
Acknowledgments 359
CLEMENTINE FORD is a writer, broadcaster and troll agitator based in Melbourne, Australia. Regularly described as a 'flamethrower', she is part of the new wave of feminists unapologetically igniting the conversation around gender equality. Clementine is a columnist for the Sydney Morning Herald, and has written about feminism and equality for The Guardian, Cosmopolitan, The Telegraph, The Sunday Mail, The Big Issue and ABC's The Drum. Her TEDx talk on rape culture ('Your Vagina is Not a Car') has received almost 1,000,000 views. She is the author of Fight Like A Girl.