New Media and Visual Communication in Social Networks [Hardback]

Edited by (Hatay Mustafa Kemal University Turkey)
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Social media and new social facilities have made it necessary to develop new media design processes with different communication strategies in order to promote sustainable communication. Visual communication emphasizes messages that are transmitted through visual materials in order to effectively communicate emotions, thoughts, and concepts using symbols instead of words. Social networks present an ideal environment for utilizing this communication technique. New Media and Visual Communication in Social Networks is a pivotal scholarly publication that examines communication strategies in the context of social media and new digital media platforms and explores the effects of visual communication on social networks, visual identity, television, magazines, newspapers, and more. Highlighting a range of topics such as consumer behavior, visual identity, and digital pollution, this book is essential for researchers, practitioners, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and educators.
Foreword xv
Preface xvii
Acknowledgment xxiv
Chapter 1 Presentation of Visual Culture Elements in Digital Environments With Special Effect Technologies
Turker Elitas
Chapter 2 Visual Literacy and Visual Rhetoric: Images of Ideology Between the Seen and the Unseen in Advertising
Paulo M. Barroso
Chapter 3 Visuality in Corporate Communication
Ozen Okat
Bahadir Burak Solak
Chapter 4 How Is a Country Image and Identitiy Construction Reflected via Discourses in Press?
Emel Ozdemir
Chapter 5 Journalism and Communication Design in New Media
Rengim Sine Nazh
Bahar Akbulak
Arzu Kalafat Cat
Chapter 6 A Critical Appraisal of Crime Over Social Networking Sites in the Context of India: Social Networking Sites
Unanza Gulzar
Chapter 7 Mobile-Based Social Media, What Is Cutting? Mobile-Based Social Media: Extensive Study Findings
Christopher Kipchumba Chepken
Chapter 8 Erdogan vs. Erdogan: A Polarized Post-Truth Case in Social Media Reality
Savas Keskin
Chapter 9 Is Somebody Spying on Us? Social Media Users' Privacy Awareness
Sadiye Deniz
Chapter 10 Virtual Resistance of "Ciftlik (Farm) Bank Scapegoats" and Discursive Atonement of "Being Scammed"
Gurur Sbnmez
Savas Keskin
Chapter 11 Identity Design and Identities Exhibited in Social Networks: A Review Based on Instagram Influencers
Mehmet Ferhat Sonmez
Chapter 12 Real-Time Marketing as a New Marketing Approach in the Digital Age: A Study on the Brands' Social Media Sharing in Turkey
Selcuk Bazarci
Chapter 13 Social Networks: The New Medium of Advertising - Instagram Case
Zuhal Akmese
Chapter 14 Rise of Facebook in the USA and WeChat in China: Commodification of Users
Naziat Choudhury
Chapter 15 Voyeurism in Social Networks and Changing the Perception of Privacy on the Example of Instagram
Serpil Kir
Chapter 16 Carnivalesque Theory and Social Networks: A Qualitative Research on Twitter Accounts in Turkey
Sefer Kalaman
Mikail Batu
Compilation of References 289(27)
Related References 316(22)
About the Contributors 338(5)
Index 343