WEconomy: You Can Find Meaning, Make A Living, and Change the World [Hardback]

  • Formāts: Hardback, 336 pages, height x width x depth: 234x159x21 mm, weight: 674 g
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  • Izdevniecība: John Wiley & Sons Inc
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  • ISBN-13: 9781119447795
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  • Formāts: Hardback, 336 pages, height x width x depth: 234x159x21 mm, weight: 674 g
  • Izdošanas datums: 20-Feb-2018
  • Izdevniecība: John Wiley & Sons Inc
  • ISBN-10: 1119447798
  • ISBN-13: 9781119447795

Change the world and drive profit with smart, sustainable strategy

WEconomy introduces the modern evolution of business: profit for purpose and purpose for profit. Purpose is the business world’s biggest advancement since the assembly line, and both top talent and quality consumers are making their preferences known. This book fuses social purpose with for-profit business models to provide clear-cut strategies for implementing the WEconomy model. Purpose is important, but it must be executed effectively throughout marketing, customer experience, B2B relationships, and more; purpose can even open up new markets and drive growth from previously untapped segments—but your social mission needs to be as sustainable as your business plan. This book gives you real, actionable strategies for interweaving purpose and profit for the long haul.

From the overall mission to the day-to-day operations, your business impacts the world; make that impact positive, and make it last with key insights and proven strategies.

  • Learn how purpose and profit are becoming increasingly linked
  • Explore real-world strategies for boosting productivity and performance
  • Merge your organization’s social mission with its business plan
  • Leverage positive impact into customer and employee loyalty

The markets with the highest spending power are flocking to socially-responsible companies. World-class talent across industries is increasingly dedicated to companies that make a positive social impact. The market has spoken, and it is demanding that businesses take up the reins and stand for something more than just profit—but this movement itself has become a tremendous source of revenue. WEconomy provides smart strategies for implementation to help you clear a path to profit with purpose.

Additional Praise for WEconomy:

“WEconomy shows us, in surprising and engaging stories, how a yearning to succeed in career can also be a calling to contribute to the betterment of society. This is a playbook for those of us who are obsessed with a purposeful life at home and at work.”   -Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

 “Full of inspiring examples and practical ideas, WEconomy is a must read for any in business – large or small – looking to harness among their colleagues the power of that most natural and potent of human instincts – a sense of purpose.”    -Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever

 “The WEconomy, is a blueprint for businesses wanting to achieve success while making the world a better place.   Businesses that see the human, not just the customer - and  see the whole person, not just a payroll number. Through engaging stories and personal experiences the authors show us that the WEconomy is happening now, and importantly, WE are all responsible for its success.”     - Sara Blakely, founder/owner of Spanx brand

 "The biggest growth market for companies today is to join in the cause of solving society's ills. WEconomy is a fresh and innovative guide for galvanizing all of us to action."    -Tom Wilson, Chair of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and CEO of Allstate

  “Is it possible to merge purpose with work? Yes! WEconomy inspires us to channel our diverse backgrounds, experiences, and talents into serving causes that really matter to us and our communities.”     -Lynne Doughtie, U.S. Chair and CEO of KPMG

 “WEconomy is an indispensable handbook for anyone who sees the need to improve the world, who wants to retain and engage employees — or simply has a mandate to drive profitability.”   — Jane Francisco, editor in chief, Good Housekeeping

 "As global citizens, it is important that we all decide how we can help build a better future for everyone who inhabits this planet.  A planet we must come to realize we all share. In the WEconomy, Holly, Marc and Craig share, not only entertaining and insightful stories, but top tips on how, both personally and professionally, we can work together to achieve just that.”    -Scooter Braun, Entrepreneur and Founder of SB Projects

 “As people continue to look for meaningful ways they can uniquely contribute personally and professionally to this world, WEconomy illustrates ways we can all do good and do well.”    -Pete Carroll, Head Coach of the Seattle Seahawks, NFL Champions

 “Through fun, inspiring and revealing stories the authors, not only bring the WEconomy to life, but bring the reader along for the ride. As the most connected generation in history, never before has there been such an incredible opportunity to make the ‘WE’ a powerful movement for positive change.“    - Ed Sheeran,  Grammy Award-winning singer / songwriter


revealing and purposeful (Economia, April 2018) a collection of engaging case studies around the importance of embedding purpose at the core of business. (FTAdviser.com, April 2018)

Foreword ix
Sheryl Sandberg
Part One: What: An introduction to the WEconony: What is it? Why now? How is it changing business for good?
Who: The authors share their personal journeys and lessons on business, charity, and social enterprise-learned the hard way.
Introduction: Welcome to the WEconomy
Craig Kielburger
Holly Branson
Marc Kielburger
Chapter 1 Growing Up Branson
Holly Branson
Chapter 2 Breakfast and a Wake-Up Call
Craig Kielburger
Chapter 3 From the Slaughterhouse to Social Enterprise
Marc Kielburger
Part Two: Why? Because successful businesses now work for the greater good, and purpose is profitable.
The stories that follow are proof that companies are thriving by tackling social issues with business plans.
It's "Business with Benefits"-for people, planet, and profit.
You may sit with the investment or marketing department and think that changing the world is the unenviable problem of the Corporate Social Responsibility team.
In fact, everyone has the chance to push companies to scale social change, and to find more meaning at work.
Introduction: Purpose at Work: Why Business Should Get Involved
Craig Kielburger
Holly Branson
Marc Kielburger
Chapter 4 Purpose 101*
Holly Branson
Chapter 5 Inspire Brand Fanatics
Craig Kielburger
Chapter 6 Build New Products
Marc Kielburger
Chapter 7 Reinventing Your Work Life
Holly Branson
Chapter 8 Differentiate Products
Craig Kielburger
Chapter 9 Sweat the Big and Small Stuff
Holly Branson
Chapter 10 Unlock New Customers
Marc Kielburger
Chapter 11 The New World of Impact Investing
Holly Branson
Chapter 12 Open New Markets
Craig Kielburger
Chapter 13 People Are Your Purpose
Holly Branson
Part Three: How: A step-by-step guide to embedding purpose right at the heart of everything you do, both as an individual and as a business.
Find a cause that suits you, build a plan, perfect your pitch, and much more.
This is everything you want to know about getting involved in the WEconomy.
This is your roadmap for doing good and getting paid for it.
Introduction: If You Build It, They May Not Come: How to Get Purpose Right
Craig Kielburger
Holly Branson
Marc Kielburger
Chapter 14 Be a Purpose-Led "Learning Organization"
Holly Branson
Chapter 15 WEconomy Impact Engineering, Step One: Find Your Cause
Craig Kielburger
Chapter 16 WEconomy Impact Engineering, Step Two: Build a 360 Action Plan
Marc Kielburger
Chapter 17 WEconomy Impact Engineering, Step Three: Engage Your Networks
Craig Kielburger
Chapter 18 It's Time to Get Your Pitch On...
Holly Branson
Chapter 19 Change without Cash
Marc Kielburger
Chapter 20 Your WEconomy Assignment: Build a loo-Year Purpose Plan
Holly Branson
Conclusion: The WEconomy Needs You
Craig Kielburger
Holly Branson
Marc Kielburger
Richard Branson
CRAIG KIELBURGER Craig is a New York Times bestselling author who has written twelve books. He co-founded WE Charity, lifting more than one million people from poverty. He is an MBA graduate with 15 honorary doctorates. His purpose is helping others discover their purpose. Craig lives in Toronto with his wife Leysa and son Hilson. DR. HOLLY BRANSON Holly, after achieving medical and physiology degrees from University College London and working as a doctor, joined the Virgin Group's Leadership team, dedicating her time to her passions: people, culture, and purpose. She is Chair of Virgin Unite, a founder and trustee of Big Change and Co-Chair of WE Day UK. Holly lives in London with her husband Freddie Andrewes and their twins Etta and Artie. MARC KIELBURGER Marc is a syndicated colum-nist read by millions. He co- founded ME to WE Social Enterprise, engaging millions of customers to drive social change. He is a Harvard and Oxford graduate, and Rhodes Scholar. He believes that purpose-driven business will change the world. Marc lives in Toronto with his wife Roxanne and daughters Lily-Rose and Violette. Authors donate 100% of royalties to charity. Contact authors at WEconomy@we.org